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FunFitters - Who are they?

They are local experts from all around South America, connoisseurs of the most interesting and enjoyable activities. Experience designers who can especially enhance your spare time, passionate about sharing our knowledge and finding the perfect options for your particular tastes. Let them help you explore South America, relish your trip or rediscover your own city!

We enjoyed so many things about Argentina, but you, Ed, remain one of the highlights.
We're still smiling about the good times we shared in your part of the world.
Long after I've forgotten the beauty of the Recoleta and the joys of La Brigada, I'll recall the kindness and courtesy you extended to my wife and me when we needed it most. You went out of your way for us and for that I am most grateful.

Bryant Gumble, TV Presenter. Argentina’s itinerary designed by Eduardo Outeiral

We spent the last week in Trancoso, Brazil thanks to Matias Gurmandi.
We wanted to applaud Matias for being an expert funfitter. We could not have asked for a better one. Matias was an excellent resource for us, provided everything we needed and more, and stood up to the unique challenges of our group in the most professional and graceful way possible. He truly went above and beyond the call of duty. We are so happy to have had Matias with us during our travel planification, and would recommend him highly to anyone, anytime.

Chris, Nick, Tyler, Ian, Patrick and Jay, USA. Trancoso’s itinerary designed by Matias Gurmandi

Even better than Machu Picchu which we loved. Tons of hiking and adventure. The food is fantastic. Every hotel has been excellent and perfect for the region. I will recommend Daria to all of my friends.

Melanie Cook, USA. Machu Picchu tour designed by Daria Goiran

Ingrid, thank you for ALL that you did to make our trip so wonderful!!!! We can't wait to come back (i'd like to focus on the art stuff!) It was one of the most fun family vacations we've ever had!!!

Sara Dodd-Spickelmier, USA. Trip for Argentina designed by Ingrid Hennings

There are many different opportunities to hunt and fish in Argentina, but I doubt you will find anyone that has the access and can put together thestyle of trip Julian will provide. He is extraordinarily connected and is one of the classiest men I have had the pleasure to connect with.

Talmadge L. Steele, Executive Vice President Sales/Marketing FLEXITY, LLC, USA. Itinerary designed by Julian

First and foremost, the people of Far Away & Long ago were very competent and accommodating. From our arrival at Buenos Aires to our specially arranged trip to Iguazu Falls 15 days later we were treated to friendly and professional service. During the interim schedules were met and problems (very few) were solved more than satisfactorily.

Jack & Jill Conner, Chairman Heritage Bank of Commerce, California, USA. Itinerary designed by Far Away & Long

Patsy, I really can't thank you enough for seeing that our trip was so beautiful, well organized, and everything that Lily and I could ask for. She LOVED Argentina (no surprises there), and even said that she would love to live there.

Nina Griscom, USA. Trip for Buenos Aires & Salta designed by Patsy Perazzo

Dear Patricio, the trip was fantastic. We had an amazing time. Thanks for all the coordination.

Amanda Ceraso, USA. Trip for Bariloche, Arg designed by Patricio López Peña

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A customized itinerary is a perfect gift. Why?

Travel is something everybody enjoys. When in reach of a plan or at least, good information and objective answers to travel questions, everybody tends to plan a better trip. On the other hand, time is a precious resource that everybody needs.

A personalized itinerary is all of this plus it represents an original, unique and easy gift.

You have 2 options:
  1. Personal: You choose the FunFitter for someone else’s trip, you describe your loved one´s likes and dislikes and have that itinerary specially designed to fit his/her preferences and sent as a very special gift.
  2. Gift Card: You get yourself less involved sending a gift card with as much credit as you want. The beneficiary will then select the FunFitter and destination of his/her choice and use the code to pay for the preferred itinerary.

    To request an itinerary as a gift, tick the box at the bottom of the fill out form when specifying the itinerary’s details.




There are many ways in which FunFitter is sustainable. Perhaps the most obvious is the way it empowers independent local experts. By linking potential customers directly with them, the real source of knowledge, FunFitter's model means most of the profit is capitalized by those who do the actual work. This of course derives in a fairer distribution of wealth and supports local jobs.
This is easily noticeable, as is the fact that we are not the first to enforce this kind of democratic shift upon the market. Crowd-sourcing is successfully spreading among many industries and by all accounts it has come to stay. But it goes much deeper than that.

The power of "what"

Our powerful search engine has the traditional "where" variable by means of which global travelers can sort by location. But the other, vastly more powerful variable that FunFitter.com introduces means people interested in different subjects can search by activity, interest, type of holiday, styles and many more categories. If the "where" box is left unanswered, results may include destinations unknown to the searcher, allowing non-mainstream destinations to show up in the results and experts from remote locations to become successful businessmen. For example, a seasoned mountain climber might start a search on mountain climbing and discover that there are some top-rated experts guiding extraordinary climbs to the ”Cordillera Blanca” in Bolivia, where he hasn't before considered going. This kind of situation will doubtlessly replicate in all sorts of areas.
The possibility to search for "what" a user wants to do, thus gives a priceless chance for lesser known destinations to shine, especially since anyone from anywhere can create a FunFitter profile, as long as they can demonstrate expertise in their field. Our goal is to help incomes from tourism, not particularly in already saturated world capitals and traditional holiday resorts, but especially in less explored, infinitely more authentic destinations in southamerica that are too many to be counted and have every means to enchant visitors and provide the experience of a lifetime, supporting these local businesses. Tourism, when driven by genuine curiosity and love of diversity, appreciation of nature, different cultures, authenticity and heritage, is one of the most sustainable activities in southamerica. It is these values that we strive to promote on our platform, and that we have no doubt will spark the curiosity of people to break barriers, political or cultural, to become closer and more understanding of the world they live in.