Alê Braga - Film Director, Communications Specialist and foodie in Rio de Janeiro

  • Key specialities: Art, Foodie, Photography, Natural Areas, Gastronomy, Sports, Outdoor Photography
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Geographic area of expertise: Estado de Río de Janeiro


No, I am not a tourism expert. Born in São Paulo, I filmed in more than 20 countries and Rio de Janeiro is the place I decided to make my home town some 13 years ago. And I love showing the city (or providing itineraries) to people who do not want to do only the touristic basic Rio. Arts, good food, sports, music and specially nature: Rio and the region have a lot to offer.

The art of filmography is a gift I managed to acquire from life throughout many years, and one which I can apply, show and teach in a wide range of matters.

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