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    Who are the FunFitters?

    The FunFitters are Local Experts. They are people with unparalleled local knowledge who are keen to show their destination and field of interest. A FunFitter can be a historian, an artist, a photographer, a socialite, a sportsman, a journalist; REAL experts with insider access that can recommend and custom-design an itinerary for you thinking about your specific interests and needs.


    Who can be a FunFitter?

    Everyone can be a FunFitter, but you need to be a local expert. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tour operator, a writer, an architect, a geologist or a teacher, as long as you are passionate about your destination and know the best ways to show it to visitors.


    Why should a FunFitter plan an Itinerary instead of a travel expert?

    A FunFitter is a Local Expert, who can, and in many cases, will be related to the travel industry. But by putting the emphasis in ‘local’ we seek to avoid itineraries that are produced by someone who has never visited the destination, or visited a few times at best. FunFitters have extensive local experience by being born and raised, or lived for many years at the destination.

    This way, they are able to customize, because they know every little aspect and secret, and not only the highlights indicated in a booklet. Also, by extending the possibility to professionals from other areas, we increase the chances of the FFs’ experience being relevant to the traveler. For example, if the traveler passion for history, they might be more interested in having their trip planned by a history professor than a travel agent.


    Why I should be a FunFitter?

    You will obtain several benefits as individual or as travel agency. Firstly, as an expert you already have the knowledge. So, the principal benefit that FunFitter.com offers you is to share your knowledge without any cost, without intermediaries. You will achieve global visibility, a organic database of clients who are looking for exactly that you offer. Also, you will achieve experience that will improve the value of your recommendations. The positive scores from your clients will help your expertise, too.


    What is expected of me as FunFitter?

    From FFs we expect genuine knowledge and experience. Is to say, FunFitters must to be truly local experts, must to know very well the place where they live or work, its secrets, and the best ways to explore it. The activities are important, too: if you are an expert in some activity, we hope that you know how to recommend the best places where this activity is developing. Contacts and advices are valuable, too.


     How much time will I need to dedicate to being a FunFitter?

    This is completely up to you. You may choose to accept one request once in a while, or work on several of them every day. There is no minimum number of requests that you need to accept, but the number of requests you receive will depend on your visibility in the site. To improve this, strive to have the best possible reviews and keep your profile as complete and updated as possible.


    Do I have to carry out the Itineraries I plan?

    No. FunFitter’s purpose is of consultancy, so that people can have your advice on the best way to plan a trip to the destination you know so well. However, if you have the tools and time to do it, you can offer the customer to quote the trip and make it a reality.


    Important Note:

    In no way should the recommendations be made towards the purpose of selling the trip later on. If our moderators find out that a FunFitter is prioritizing recommendations (i.e. hotels, restaurants, services providers) that are potentially more profitable to him/her, losing the focus on objectivity and transparency, a sanction may apply depending on the severity.


    How I can register as FunFitter?

    First, enter on http://www.funfitter.com and then click on  ‘Get started!’. There, you will see this banner:

    Then, click on ‘I want to become a FunFitter’. There, you can choose a way to sign up (Facebook, Google, Linkedin or your personal email account):

    Now, create your user account and it’s all! You are registered as a FunFitter!

    What I have to do after register?

    After register, the next step is complete your profile. There, you can fill with your personal data, places, and activities of expertise. Languages, videos and pictures, too.

    To edit your profile, go to our site. Then, click on ‘login’ and complete your username and password. When you’re logged, go to http://www.funfitter.com/edit-profile and start to complete with elements that represents you.


     How will people find me?

    You will be listed under the destination you are an expert of, and under the specific areas of interest that you indicate. Try to be as accurate as possible in order to target the right customers. Your visibility will also increase as your ratings are higher, so strive to please your clients for much better results!

    You will also have a unique URL which you can promote on your personal blog, site, Facebook, and etcetera.


     I’m part of a travel agency, Can I register as my company?

    Yes, FunFitters can be individuals or travel agencies (their clients can be individuals or companies, too). You can set this in your edit profile section: http://www.funfitter.com/edit-profile/. There, you can choose between a B2B business model, a B2C business model, or both.

    Tip: If you work in a travel agency, a good idea is to register your company and the members of your team, too. This will improve the visibility of your agency and the channels to find your clients.

    Can I hire other FunFitter with my FF account?

    Yes. Even being a FunFitter you can use the site as a traveler. All you have to do is searching for a FunFitter, pick one and make a request for an itinerary (or downloading an itinerary). When you sign up in our site, you can change your status (traveler to Funfitter). Also, the money earned with your sales will be in your PayPal account, and you can use it to purchase itineraries.


    How Can I sell an itinerary?

    The users will find you through the site, and, if they are interested, will ask you for an itinerary. They choose the type of itinerary that they want. Then, you have 24 hours to accept or decline the request. If you accept, your traveler will pay your fee and we will send you an email with the details. When you finish the task, your traveler will pay you the remaining amount.


    Can I sell tours or packages? Or just design itineraries?

    Just design itineraries. The idea on FunFitter.com is to connect experts with travelers who are looking for unique experiences, according to their own interests. It is only possible through the communication between experts and travelers, and the design of itineraries according the profile of travelers and FunFitters.

    However, if you want, you can upload some sample itineraries which will be downloaded free by users. This can help you to achieve more visibility and more traffic in your profile or your company’s profile.


    How many types of itineraries exist? How are they?

    There are different types of itineraries, which depends of how detailed are the recommendations:

    The simplest is the ‘cool tips’ itinerary. Here, the FunFitter give a list of suggestions or recommendations based on necessities and interests of travelers. Maybe, your traveler wants to know about how know the place, find activities or answer some questions. The ideal lenght of this itinerary is one sheet, and its price is USD 15.

    Then, we have the ‘on request’ itinerary. It is indicated for unique and highly custom itineraries. Paying a fee of USD 1,90, the traveler will be contacted directly with the FunFitter. Then, he/she will make a request to get the best experience. Based on this request, the FunFitter will give an estimated price for this itinerary.



    1. In case you want to upgrade to an upper level of itinerary, your previous payment will be deducted from the cost of this itinerary.
    2. Although we strive to be as flexible and cooperative as possible, limits need to be established to prevent abuses to Funfitter.


    The sample itineraries must also respect the same classification of your itineraries?

    Not necessarily. If you (of your company) already have ready made itineraries, you can upload it in their original version. However, be free to adapt it if you prefer!


    My travel agency offers travel tours, Can I offer it here?

    No. FunFitter.com is not a travel agency or a search travel agency. It’s a site where is possible to design unique and unforgettable experiences for travelers with different interests and profiles. For that reason, your task as FunFitter is to give custom recommendations to your clients to help they with their travel planning.

    However, FunFitter.com can be a useful channel for your company because it enables you to get visibility and advertise your services in your profile. Also, it enables you to attract more clients to your page and improve your sales.


    What information should I include in my Itineraries?

    Think of all the information you would be interested to know about a destination you are not familiar with. Try to be as descriptive as possible so that your client can have an idea of what to expect. When recommending services like hotels and restaurants (only for detailed itineraries), always include several options that may cater to your client’s profile rather than just one.


    How do I accept new bookings?

    When you receive a new request, you will be notified to your FunFitter inbox and to your linked email address. Enter your profile, and go to My Files / Pending Approval. Here you will have a list of all the files that are awaiting your approval to be assigned to you. If you agree to work on them, simply click ‘Accept Request’. The files you accept will now show in My Files / Active Files.


    How long do I have to respond to an Itinerary request?

    We expect FunFitters to confirm or reject an itinerary within 24 hours. After this time, the client will be offered either a refund or to select an alternative FunFitter, so ultimately it will be the client’s decision whether to wait any longer. Keep in mind that this is only to confirm you are accepting the task, NOT to deliver the complete itinerary.


    Can I cancel a booking I already accepted?

    No. Once you accept working on an itinerary, you have committed yourself. If you cannot make it for whatever reason, you may ask the customer for a time extension which he may accept or not. If you absolutely can’t deliver, we will refund the client out of your security deposit. You will then need to pay the balance of your security deposit to be even again and start taking new requests.


    Can a customer cancel a request?

    Only before you have accepted working on it, so be sure to confirm fast! Once a customer submits a payment, this is non-refundable (unless you don’t deliver it).


    Do I have to meet my clients?

    It is definitely a possibility, but not a must. Your core service consists on providing the best travel plans (Itinerary) possible, but after that you may meet your client once he arrives at the destination, as part of a service or simply for a chat. In fact, in many cases great friendships end up being formed between FunFitters and travelers!


    How do I contact my client?

    Once you accept a request, you will be able to send emails to your client through our internal inbox. You will then be able to keep writing each other this way, but we recommend that you set up at least one Skype or phone call, as it really makes the difference to hold a live conversation when the goal is to get to know your client’s profile as deeply as possible.  


    Do I have to accept every request?

    Not at all. The amount of requests you accept is entirely at your discretion. It is always important not to accept more than you can handle, and if you accept a task, it must be a traveler that fits with your profile and expertise.


    What happens if I can’t have the itinerary ready on time?

    If this happens, you can request your client a time extension. It is entirely up to them to accept and in case they don’t, they can claim a refund (which will be deducted from your security deposit as you will have already received the payment for the Itinerary).


    Why do I have to submit sample itineraries?

    These samples will serve you as practice to get used to our standards, and will give us a glimpse of what you can offer our community. Additionally, they will be available on your profile and on the Inspire Hub, so they will increase your visibility and your chances of getting clients.


    How much takes FunFitter.com of commision?

    FunFitter.com takes 10 percent of commision


    There are any invoice for the commision of FunFitter.com?

    In your account's dashboard, you will be able to see a summary of your sales, money earned and what part of it we take as commission.


    How is the process of payment for the itineraries that I design?

    When you accept to design an itinerary, firslty FunFitter.com will pay you a fee in advance so you can start with the job. When you deliver the complete itinerary, your client must to make the payment in your account. We will send you an email with the confirmation of the purchase, and when your money has been credited in your account.


    Do I have to pay to be a FunFitter?

    No, It’s totally free!


    Can I to set my own prices for my itineraries?

    It’s just possible if you are a premium FF. Our site set the prices of each type of itinerary. If you design an itinerary, it’s necessarily that you adjust it to this classification. However, if you get good references of your clients, it will be possible to become a premium FF. As a premium FF, you will set the price you want for your itineraries!


    Can I offer ready-made itineraries?

    No.You can upload sample itineraries made by you or your company, free for downloading. This tool will enable you improve traffic in you profile or in your company’s site. This will improve your visibility and highlight your profile compared with other FunFitters.


    How I receive the payment of my fee?

    Very simple. When your traveler decide make an itinerary request, we send you an message in your email account. If you accept the task, your traveler will pay your fee (6 to 14 percent of total value). Once the payment has been accredited, FF will notificate you and you will start to design the itinerary.  

    Once you’ve been finished your task, if you deliver this on time, your traveler will pay you the remaining. You’ll see all details of the operation in your dashboard.


    How and when do I get paid?

    When you sign in, you will have to provide us your bank account details or Paypal details. When you accept a request for an Itinerary, you will instantly receive your payment at the account you have indicated.


    How do I report a bug I found on the site?

    Please send an email with as much detail as possible to hello@funfitter.com


    My question is not answered here, what should I do?


    Please contact us at hello@funfitter.com. One of us will get back to you shortly!


    How I can create an account on FunFitter.com?

    Simple. Enter in our homepage, click on ‘Get started’ and then, click on ‘I want to travel’. Now, upload your personal information, create your username and password. Then, complete your profile in your dashboard. Ready! You are registered already.


    What should I do after register?

    The next step after register is complete your profile. To do it, you have to login in our site. Then, go to http://www.funfitter.com/edit-profile and start to fill with your personal data, places and actitities that interests you, languages and all details that represents you and your profile as a traveler.


    Can I be a FunFitter if I’ve registered as traveler?

    Yes! You can be both a FunFitter and traveler with the same email. If you want to be a Funfitter, enter in our site. There, on the right up of the screen, click on ‘Become a FunFitter’. Then, you will see your dashboard and your profile editor. Complete all your information: it’s very important you told us which places or activities are you an expert in, this will help you to find your ideal clients

    easy and fast



    How can I be sure a FunFitter is real?

    In order to join our community, all FunFitters need to validate their identity by submitting a proof of ID and apply to a selection process through which we ensure they have relevant experience in the field and verifiable work references. You can also see the testimonials other travelers have written about them. Still, should you have any doubts or concerns about your FunFitter, you can report it to our moderators who will do a thorough check-up on him or her. If this happens, please contact us at hello@funfitter.com


    Where can I find Sample Itineraries?

    In our Inspiration Hub! Thousands of great trips and fantastic FunFitters wait to be discovered. To get there, log into your account and scroll to the bottom of our Home, and there you can browse according to your destinations on interest or the motivations of your travels.

    How do I hire a FunFitter?

    When you find a FunFitter you like after browsing through the options, you can enter their profile and see who they are and what makes them unique. Here, you will be able to bookmark them for future reference, see and download the sample itineraries they have made, or click on ‘Hire FunFitter’ and request a custom Itinerary from him/her.
    After this, enter as much information as possible about your trip, about you, and about the people you are travelling with. This will help your FunFitter customize your trip as much as possible and make it special for you, but you will still be able to have telephone / Skype / email conversations with your FunFitter before they start working on your trip.
    Next, select your Itinerary Type and payment method. Once it is approved, your request will be sent to your FunFitter, who will be notified of a pending request. Your FunFitter must confirm acceptance of the task within 24 hours.


    Can I book my trip through FunFitter.com?

    FunFitter.com is not a travel agency and thus we don’t sell tourist services other than the itinerary planning. This said, some FunFitters may have access to discounted rates or be expert travel agents themselves and might be happy, independently of FunFitter.com, to quote and book the itinerary they have prepared.  


    What is an Itinerary?

    An itinerary is a plan for a trip. In the case of FunFiter Itineraries, they are sample or custom-made travel arrangements that help you make the most out of the visit to a destination. Depending on the complexity (as you can request different types of itineraries when you buy one from a FunFitter) they can go from a basic outline covering every stop in the road, must do activities and top recommendations, to a beautifully detailed day-by-day travel plan with lots of options of accommodation, activities, restaurants, etc. catered to your particular likes and needs.


    Why should I hire a FunFitter to design an Itinerary for me when there are thousands of free samples?

    Sample itineraries are a great tool offered by FunFitter.com. They offer a good insight on the myriad of possibilities offered by a destination, they come with beautiful hi-res pictures and they are prepared by true experts that know their hometowns like no one else. However, they are generic or planned for someone else and they don’t take into account YOUR personal traits. Each of us is different and the motives of our travels are different, as are our travel companions. In order to design a Custom Itinerary, your FunFitter will get to know you, and what you expect of the trip, and recommend the best trip for YOU up to the little details.


    What can I do with my itinerary once I receive it?

    Once you purchase a Custom Itinerary from Funfitter, this is 100% yours. You will receive it in PDF format and will be able to download it, share it, sell it, send it to a friend or to your travel agent to receive a quote. In many cases, your FunFitter will be able to provide a quote himself / herself or recommend a local travel agency that can get the best deals.

    Can I request changes to my itinerary?

    Depending on the kind of itinerary you purchase, there is a limit to the number of times you can request any big change after the itinerary is in process of design. For example, a Skeleton Itinerary allows only one major change, while a Premium one includes up to 7. Once the itinerary is received and approved, no more changes are permitted. Please keep in mind that each big change might mean the FunFitter needs to redo a big part or even all of the itinerary, so even though we strive to be flexible and FunFitters will try to go the extra mile whenever possible, limits need to be established in order to prevent abuses.


    Can I cancel an Itinerary request?

    Only before your FunFitter accepts the task. After that, he/she is committed to working on your itinerary and it would be unfair for him/her not to receive his/her payment. Since what you are purchasing is a travel plan and not actual travel services, even if you cannot travel you may keep the itinerary and use it for a future trip.


    What happens if the itinerary does not meet my expectations?

    All FunFitters follow a strict guideline on the way our itineraries need to be presented and our supervisors regularly check that their quality level is consistent. However, it is impossible to check on every single itinerary, so should you not be satisfied with the result, please report it to a moderator who will review it and determine whether it has met our standards or you qualify for a refund or remake of the itinerary.


    How do I report a bug I found on the site?

    Please send an email with as much detail as possible to hello@funfitter.com


    My question is not answered here, what should I do?

    Please contact us at hello@funfitter.com. One of us will get back to you shortly!


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